Beware the Rabid Rabbit Readers! They are fuzzy creatures that always sport a pair of spectacles on their pink noses! Avid readers, rabbit readers are quick to dispense their opinion of any books they read by leaving little torn pieces of paper with their thoughts hastily scribbled on them.  Of course, not all rabbit readers have the same taste, so when one rabbit reader disagrees with a previous’ reader’s thoughts, the current rabbit reader crumples up the paper and discards it- usually on the floor.  This does not make book-keeping easy, especially when Moos and Bers have been assigned to the task of cleaning up and maintaining ancient works.  The Best Ber however, is quite enraptured at one of the rabbit reader’s opinions on a biography.  Moos shouts at the Best Ber to help clean up this mess! Who let these rabbit readers into the library in the first place? The Best Ber encounters the rabbit readers!