is a webcomic that is about a ber, not a bear, going on grand adventures to obtain, retain and or reclaim his container!

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The real life story!

The Best Ber started as a note to my S.O. I baked so many tasty treats that I would pack most of them for my S.O. to take to work. The treats were packed into containers, which my S.O. would then forget to bring home.

I kept baking and with that, sending more containers with my S.O. Many times, my S.O. would forget to bring them home. I had wondered if my containers had disappeared into some kind of Container Void.

I came up with a solution to create little doodles and notes to remind my S.O. to bring back the container. The doodle would have a ber (very different from a bear, as you will see) with a container. Only the Best Bers would bring home the container.

And that was how the best ber was created. And life was good.